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what we really look like...

...aaaand here we are trying to look more civilized!

Want to join us?  email me:

What is a CHOIR BOMB?


Basically it's a monthly choir in Ottawa, an in-person continuation of pre-pandemic

Lee Hayes VOX and the VOX Virtual Choir.

You can take one or join them all!

May 27th, 2023, noon - 5pm

June 17th, noon-5pm

WHERE: Quaker Meeting House, 91A 4th Ave (near Bank)

UPDATE for May 27: new location (just this event only) email for details.

COST: $70 for 1, $189 for three!


We began the day with some vocal exercises, then jumped in the deep end with an African American traditional, Go To Sleep, You Little Baby.  It's an easy 3-part harmony, which got everyone warmed up for the next song, Time After Time, in 5-part harmony.  Check out the video!  after the break we tackled Autumn Leaves, in French and English, 3-part harmony but with some crunchy Jazz chords!  We ended the day at the pub.  Awesome day.

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