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Private Singing Lessons


Pre-Pandemic, I taught regularly in Vancouver and Ottawa.  Now I teach singers all over the world!


With technique and training, I help each singer find the best way to maintain tone, explore range, volume/dynamics, proper and effective diction in singing, and also to make full use of what the individual’s voice can do.  Then these techniques are applied to songs.  It’s relaxed, fun, and dynamic!


In my own journey as a singer, I have taken many styles of lessons, from pop to classical to opera.  I have discovered that different methods work for different types of voices. I hone in on what the individual's strengths and weaknesses are, and guide a singer to find their 'style' of delivery.  I'm great at breaking through bad vocal habits!  Above all, I teach so that the singer doesn't damage his/her voice, but builds stamina and confidence.


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