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Monday, August 15th, 2016

Finding the Diaphragm

How many times have you heard ‘use your diaphragm’ with regards to singing?  The diaphragm is key to singing; I call it the trampoline for your air.  But how do you find it, let alone use it?

Here’s an easy way to find your diaphragm;

Picture your legs as prongs that go deep into the earth.  You become an immoveable force, so grounded that if someone tries to push you over, YOU DO NOT MOVE.  Boom; your diaphragm is engaged!

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Those Elusive High Notes

Ever wonder why you can hit certain notes sometimes, and the next time they crack or wobble?  Something I see often with my students is, as they get into scarier parts of their ranges, their mouths get smaller and they get quieter.  Ack!  The singer must do just the opposite!

Try it out; as you approach the high notes, open your mouth horizontally, bring the sound forward, try to make it resonate in your cheeks or your upper teeth; this keeps the sound from getting buried in your throat and head, and voilà, it’s also so much easier!  Don’t tip your head back, keep your chin level.  Raising your face to the skies is useless; all it will do is create tension in your neck.  ALL THE WORK IS DONE WITH THE DIAPHRAGM AND YOUR FACE.  So get grounded, become that immoveable force, and open up that mouth.  It takes time to imprint good vocal habits; be willing to honk out horrifying notes!  It’s part of the learning process.