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Lee's studio, 2021

“Who is fabulous? Lee Hayes is Fabulous! And so is her choir!

You should join. It’ll be fun!”

  • Andra Folks, 17 Year Lee Hayes Vox Veteran, Mezzo Extraordinaire


“Lee is a master musician, songwriter, and vocal teacher.

The choir is my new community.”

  • Janice Friis, Mezzo Extraordinaire


“If you think your singing voice is only destined for the shower,

or you would like to improve your beautiful instrument,

Lee Hayes is the Choir Goddess for you!!”

  • Chantel Hutter, Mezzo Extraordinaire


“Cheapest therapy EVER!!!"

  • Wendy Jolliffe, Alto Extraordinaire


“Lee has created a safe, supportive space for

beginners as well as seasoned students.”

  • Naomi Giff MacKinnon, Alto Extraordinaire


“Opening a newly-released song is like opening a present on Christmas morning"

  • Jan Reatherford & Neil (Nacho) Herber, Mezzo Extraordinaire & Tenor Extraordinaire


"Great music and atmosphere, a wonderful experience!"

  • Amelia Grobnic, Soprano Extraordinaire

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