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June 22, 2024!


Have you always wanted to try singing lessons but didn't know where to start?  This group class is a great way to get comfy with your voice.

We do 30 minutes of vocal technique, then 30 minutes of applying those to songs.  The songs range from Pop to Folk to Jazz standards.

Mondays @ 7pm ET/4pm PT
Start date is January 8th.

first one is
FREE!  4 for $80, 8 for $150, 15 for $240

ottawa choirs, singing lessons
Lee Hayes:
A Cappella GODDESS!
Choir Mistress Extraordinaire!


Voice Teacher.

Choir Director.



Master Arranger.

Vocal Harmony Workshops.



This is A Cappella Harmony at its most amazing,

in 3-8 parts.

Lee Hayes creates and teaches vocal arrangements

for choirs, workshops, and small ensembles

that are masterpiece orchestrations for the human voice, 

and are accessible to all vocal skill levels.

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