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Our VOX Virtual Choir VIDEOS!

When the Pandemic hit, we were all faced with the reality of no in-person choir.  Lee Hayes VOX morphed into VOX Virtual Choir.  For many of us, this was our only way of having community.

We met once a week by section.  Everyone Zoomed in, and parts were taught.  The biggest difference was not hearing the other sections; each part was learned without the context of the whole arrangement.  BUT!  The fun part!  This is how it worked;

After everyone's vocal was mixed and mastered into a 'choir' sound, Lee came up with a theme for the video.  Choir members would send in 10-30 second videos of themselves under that theme; for example, for the Mamma Mia video, it was all about home workouts during a Covid lockdown.  Making the videos became our creative outlet; it was fun to do, great for relieving stress, and we ended up with a body of work we could share with family and friends.

Click on any title below to see our Masterpieces!

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