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We're BACK, Baby!

May 25 & 26; ABBA! SOLD OUT!

if you'd like to get the news for upcoming 613CC events,
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Sometimes we behave...


...aaaand then; not so much....

June 15th is our next date; tickets will be released after ABBA!

What is the 613 Casual Choir?

The 613 Casual Choir is led by dynamic duo Rob Cosh (guitar) and Lee Hayes (vocal). 


We meet once a month on Thursday nights at the One Up Room in Ottawa, 1 Beechwood Ave, from 7-9.

How Does It Work?

We learn two pop songs a night; lyrics are sent out the day of. Rob is our Guitarist Extraordinaire, and Lee teaches the room to sing the song, line by line, tosses in some harmonies, and presto!  We have an instant choir.


It's a great way to try out singing with a gang, without the weekly commitment of a regular choir.

email Rob or Lee for details: 

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