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Online Group Singing Lessons


Singing Lead is very different from singing in a choir.  This is your chance to sing the melody, to be the star!

For all levels; unlock your voice and SING!

MONDAYS @ 7pm ET (4 pm PT)  Join anytime!




  • 30 minutes of vocal technique, geared to specific issues

  • 30 minutes of applying those techniques to songs!

This course is designed to build your confidence as a singer, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vocalist.  Lessons are designed to help you find your 'style' and give you a better understanding of how to use your instrument.  An added bonus; this will also prep you for that karaoke night out, or to give you the tools you need to sing with accompaniment (…with that friend who plays guitar/piano, or maybe you play yourself)!


Above all it is FUN, and we will learn songs that are familiar as well as songs you don't know in a variety of contemporary genres (Folk, Pop, Jazz Standards, even a little bit of Rock n Roll).


COST:  the first one is FREE!  Try it out!

4 for $80, 8 for $150, 15 for $240

email to register.

Questions?  I love questions!


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